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Creative coding project by Tristan Bagot adds generative style motifs to fashion photography - each display is different from the next. Video embedded below:

Art direction has a crucial role to play in the use of the various screens at our disposal.
Nowadays, a master visual is designed indifferently for all sorts of platforms, be they digital or physical.

JavaScreen is a new display system using an algorithm to graphically reinterpret content thousands of times without losing its intrinsic character.

As part of my project, it creates a generative design applied to a series of fashion photos and enhances the visual aesthetics of the image : colors, shapes, thickness, verticality, opacity…
These graphics are then animated with the image becoming more eye-catching and each time the image is loaded, it creates a unique composition depending on the photograph.

You can see the project working in your browser (along with other background information) at the project website here

Tristan also has a Tumblr blog [isentropie] featuring the original photographs, which can be found here

[h/t - gergokovacs]

"   The average story about the Ice Bucket Challenge was much more heavily promoted by Facebook’s algorithms (a factor of 8x) than the average story about Ferguson.   "
Self segregation on social-networks and the implications for the ferguson MO story - Ethan Zuckerman.  (via algopop)


Huize Galvani in een Parijse straat, waar de woning zich boven en onder de tuin bevind. Een ontwerp uit 2003 van Christian Pottgiesser. photos (C) Gert von Bassewitz.

(via subtilitas: Archdaily)