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The place where I keep track of my research and journeys in the virtual world.


Dream House

New art piece by Sara Ludy is 3D rendering of a virtual architectural home, slow, minimal, with a Kubrick-like eye - video embedded below:

The north side of the premise includes a 9-plug waking pad equipped with sustainable primitives and reliable access. Just west of the waking pad is a uniquely tiered water feature overlooking space in a remarkable scene. On the southeast coordinates, between the lush eastern hills and the arid south basin, resides the shapeshifting Dream House; a domestic labyrinth built with familiar geometries and sacred details.

Created during the 1st period, Dream House is known as “the palace of dreams”. This hybrid dream architecture includes 3 lucid dream spaces precisely constructed utilizing genuine memories, native textures and brilliant moonlight. The house is furnished with premier animistics; Transport Bed, Stack of Books, Vanity Mirror, Floating Mirror, Floor Curves, Disc, Entity Bust, Sun Disc and Fountain Pad. All animistics are full automated and activated by proximity.

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