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"   The average story about the Ice Bucket Challenge was much more heavily promoted by Facebook’s algorithms (a factor of 8x) than the average story about Ferguson.   "
Self segregation on social-networks and the implications for the ferguson MO story - Ethan Zuckerman.  (via algopop)


Huize Galvani in een Parijse straat, waar de woning zich boven en onder de tuin bevind. Een ontwerp uit 2003 van Christian Pottgiesser. photos (C) Gert von Bassewitz.

(via subtilitas: Archdaily)

Abercrombie & Fitch’s No-Go Logo


Abercrombie & Fitch C.E.O. Mike Jeffries announced that the company will drop its once-ubiquitous logo from its clothing. Vauhini Vara reflects on the decision:

“Kids today seem less interested in the aesthetic of conformity-through-consumption that Jeffries, and the company, still seem to advocate. They have other ways of expressing who they are—through the language they use on social media, for example.”

Photograph by Rolf Vennenbernd/DPA/AP

(Source: newyorker.com)


Dataforms: Beautiful BC

cut and paste, paper on panel


Ed Spence


Andreas Martini, Atlas, 2012, images posted with permission of the artist.

Andreas’ website | flickr



The Last of Us concept art | Winter

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